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Av twilightsaga - 4 maj 2009 06:20


YES äntligen får man fram litegrann om Emily i New Moon,alltså Tinsel Korey,det har ju inte varit så mycket om våran wolf pack tycker jag,så nu är det dags.

Här kommer lite utdrag och intervjuer. Min översättning så länka hit vid kopiering.

Hon pratar om sin kommande film "Mothers and daughters"

"Jag vet att detta är en höjdpunkt där saker kommer ändras för mig" säger Korey, som inte har jobbat en dag efter hon jobbade som servitris när hon kom till Vancouver från Toronto år 2002."Det hände gradvis men jag har bara en magkänsla att saker kommer bli galna,hektiska"

I New Moon bringar Korey ljus som Emily,en del av Quileutes som blir vän med Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) när hennes vampyrkärlek (Underbara Robert Pattinson) lämnar henne.Några av de infödingar i Quileutestammen har en annan sida,nämligen som varulvar och Emily bär ärr från när hennes varulvspojkvän en gång miste kontrollen när han kom för nära.

Tinsel ligger lågt när det gäller fansen runt Twilight.

"Jag fick inte ens lov att säga att jag var med i filmen,inte på månader" säger hon. Hon har inte ens fått vara inne  på internet och på fanchatter.

"Min agent säger  ~du är förbjuden för att vara på internet,du är inte tillåten att googla dig själv för folk kan vara väldigt elaka~"


Vad tycker ni om Tinsel? Jag tycker hon verkar väldigt charmig och väldigt snäll iallafall och jag tror att hon kommer göra ett perfekt jobb som Emily i New Moon och de följande filmerna!


Av twilightsaga - 30 mars 2009 19:48

Hejsan alla!

Jag är bara liiiite sur just nu ;) Vill sitta på MSN ju!!!! :D

Men iaf...Big news everyone!

Let me introduce- CAIUS :D

Haha jepps nu är han funnen och det är ingen mindre än 20-åringen Jamie Campbell-Bower! Vet inte ngt om han,har inte sett honom någonstans!

Men han säger själv såhär:

"You’re the first people I’ve told.Shooting has already started, and I’m going over in June.

I do know who else will be in it - but I can’t tell you, unfortunately. But go online and have a look at the rumours, they’re all false. You’re putting me in a terrible situation."

ja,han kan nog vara bra.Kolla bara på resten av casten. Twilight och New Moons casting crew vet vad dom gör!


Av twilightsaga - 30 mars 2009 07:02

Ashley Greene har uttalat sig om en rubrik hon nyligen läste från när casten var i Vancouver.

Hon såg rubriken "Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone getting coffee!!" och bara skrattade och sa "Well that one was new"(skratt)

Hon fortsätter och berättar att hon tycker det är skrattretande att journalisterna faktiskt intresserar sig i att de dricker kaffe!

Vad tycker ni?
Jag håller med Ashley,får dom inte ens köpa kaffe nu utan att uppmärksammas liksom?


Av twilightsaga - 29 mars 2009 09:10

Här kommer en massa länkar till bra artiklar om Rob!

Rob om Bellas kärlek för Edward, tryck här

Rob om dating, tryck här

Om hur Rob hjälpte Catherine förvandla Twilights ballettscen med "Let me sign", tryck här

Hoppas ni gillade artiklarna lika mycket som jag,tyckte dom var helt underbara!


Av twilightsaga - 27 mars 2009 07:55

God morgon!

Det suger att vara sjuk! GAAAAAAAAAAH + att jag inte kan sova för jag mår så himla illa :(

Men då får man använda sig av lite twi-medecin ;)

Första jag lägger upp idag får bli lite uttrag ur en intervju med Rene Hayes,hon som castade Wolf pack till New Moon.

Haynes tog hand om "the Native American" castingen for New Moon,Twilights uppföljare.Hennes val blev Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, Kiowa Gordon och Tyson Houseman.

Renee säger om de valda:

"They are all good kids.They have good heads on their shoulders. I think they’ll navigate these waters the best they can"

"I’ve told them, make wise choices from here on out. This is what you’ve been working for. Don’t mess it up"

Om Chaske Spencer som Sam Uley:

"He’s someone I feel is going to be a star. have cast him before. He’s always done lovely work. It’s awesome to know that it’s time for this young actor to have a great breakout role like this.It was a very long process,it was up and down, up and down. But he floated to the top."

Avlsutar med en bild på über-heta Alex Meraz som spelar Paul i Wolf pack!


Av twilightsaga - 22 mars 2009 13:08

Här kommer en artikel om Rachelle Lefevre!

VANCOUVER - Rachelle Lefevre doesn't want to sound like a walking cliché, but she really is "over the moon" these days thanks to the imminent start of New Moon, the latest instalment in Stephanie Meyer's 'tweener vampire sensation.

Lefevre landed the role of "Evil vampire Victoria" in the original Twilight, and come March 23, she'll be back on the West Coast when camera goes up on the new movie's Vancouver shoot.

Lefevre likes working in her home and native land. Born and raised in Montreal as the daughter of an English teacher and psychologist, Lefevre has a long resume that includes smaller parts in U.S and Canadian episodics, but it's her role in Twilight -which hits DVD March 21- and the forthcoming New Moon that really set her star aflame.

Even though Victoria doesn't occupy large swaths of screen time, Lefevre says she's been enjoying the best of both worlds since she faced down Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan in a rogue baseball match.

"I don't even feel famous," Lefevre says from her home in Los Angeles. "And that's good. I feel like I'm a part of something with a huge fan base and that's entirely different. It's not about me at all. It's about the work that Stephenie Meyer created, so while I may be photographed at a Twilight party, I'm not stopped on the streets of Los Angeles."

Lefevre says she still has her own life, and her own privacy, and she's smart and wise enough to know just how valuable those intangibles are.

"The way I look at it is that I don't have to experience any of the downs that famous people have. I can hang out with my new puppy and my boyfriend, play Wii tennis, and be a real person."

Lefevre's insight into the empty vessel of fame is the result of her grounded upbringing with well-adjusted and educated parents, as well as her Canadian identity, she says.

"I'm not criticizing the States at all. But when you're raised in Canada, you're brought up with a different appreciation of difference. We have the mosaic model instead of embracing this general trend of assimilation — where people are encouraged to believe in the same things," she says.

"I was taught to be inquisitive about people and to respect their uniqueness."

When you realize everyone is different, and everyone has intrinsic social value, Lefevre says the drive for fame loses its urgency because the need to stand out from the uniform masses disappears.

The other upside of her Canadian upbringing relates directly to her craft.

Lefevre says acting demands a surrender of self, and a desire to explore the other perspectives and value systems — two ideals built right into the Canadian experience.

"I remember when we were shooting the big vampire baseball game, and I had this impulse to run my fingers down Nikki Reed's leg — like a creepy bug. I didn't do it on the first take because I thought about it too much and censored myself," says Lefevre, who actually wrote Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke a letter explaining her long-standing vampire fixation and her deep desire for the role.

"We learn to suppress negative impulses, which is good — unless you're playing an evil vampire. Victoria does not censor herself, so it's been really liberating to play a character who just says what's she's feeling."

Lefevre says she even solicited her psychologist mother for some professional advice on the symptoms of various psychoses.

"I wanted Victoria to be playful and powerful, but not a sociopath. There's no pathology to her evil. I think she's just an example of what happens when you have absolute power: It corrupts absolutely," she says.

"And let's face it: If you were more powerful than every other person on the planet, you'd start looking at everyone else as inferior beings. Victoria also sees humans as food, too, which doesn't help with the empathy."

Victoria's role gets a little heftier in New Moon as she seeks to avenge Bella Swan for the death of her lover, James, but Lefevre says it's not about the cumulative screen time. She just feels lucky to be a part of such a great project.

"I've been fascinated by vampires for a long time," says Lefevre.

Immortality and the ability to outwit death is appealing to any mere mortal, but the real attraction behind New Moon and the entire Twilight saga is epic romance, says Lefevre.

"When you're in your teens and tweens, you don't really understand all these strange feelings that you have. One year, a boy beats up on you. The next year, he gives you butterflies and you think he's cute,"says Lefevre.

"Sure, (vampirism) is about sexuality, but these books help young people explore that sexuality in a safe way."

The other attraction is plain as day: "The dark side can be fascinating. And for Bella and Edward, there is no happily ever after," says Lefevre. "In that way, the series is a lot like real life."

Av twilightsaga - 18 mars 2009 07:05

Kan du hitta Robert Pattinson och Cam Gigandet på denna bilden? Jag har hittat dom :)

Kommentera gärna om du hittar dom ;)


Av twilightsaga - 28 februari 2009 11:52

Nu är casten i Tokyo för att promota Twilight som inte kommit dit förräns nu,stackars Japan! Men nu har även dom fått njuta av våra älsklingar :)




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